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Thanks to the experience gained in over 10 years of failures and successes, I understood that when I approach the creation of a logo and a brand identity starting from a strategic analysis and careful research, I can get extraordinary results — whatever your business is (*).

Whether you are a company, a small shop or a professional, you need a communication strategy and a coordinated image worthy of you. As well it is designed, in fact, a logo alone is not enough to fully communicate your values and your dreams.

Think of a logo as the bread for Nutella: it is the base on which it rests, but without strategy it would be just a slice of bread.

For this reason my exclusive service follows the Seven Steps of the design, a process that will guide us in a systematic way from the definition of the key values to the achievement of the complete satisfaction of both.
* For personal ethical choice I don't work with every type of customer. I have chosen not to work with any individual or company operating in the adult entertainment market or which has anything to do with politics, religion, weapons or drugs of any kind.

Seven steps branding

€ 6970
There is no need to rush work to get a mediocre result. For this reason I prefer to take some extra time and explore more solutions and thus offer you a unique experience and my total attention. Due to this exclusive approach, I only accept one project at a time.
I am available to work EXCLUSIVELY with you starting from July 2020.

What's included


Average duration

7-10 weeks
I. Dialogue
A good dialogue is essential for the success of the project. In this phase I will work to get to know you, your business, your dreams and above all, your goals and your audience. For this reason I will need to ask you many questions… prepare a glass of water!
II. Research
If strategy is Nutella and the logo is bread, research is certainly the knife that unites these two fundamental elements. Sun Tzu said: "The abundance of calculations ensures victory, and their scarcity prevents it; what about whose nothing will have calculated?"
III. Strategy
This is the phase of the project in which the first shared elements will be produced. I will present you with a communication strategy on which to base the development of the project together with a first mood board to analyze and evaluate. From here I can then proceed to the more creative part of the process.
IV. Concept
The development of the first ideas is a long and often underestimated work which, however, always leads to the desired result in the end: identify that single concept that, among the dozen that I will explore, deserves to become yours to communicate your brand to your audience.
V. Design
The selected concept will be converted into perfect, clean and well balanced lines on the computer. This is also the phase in which the selected colors and fonts, the layouts and the contextual alternatives on the collateral elements agreed in the brief phase will be tested.
VI. Refining
I always reserve time to analyze even the smallest details with you. This is not a "review" phase, as some call it. The point is not to correct, but to perfect. We already know what we have in hand, now it's time to let it shine.
VII. Delivery
In numerology the number 7 is an indication of perfection and is well suited to the delivery phase. The time has come for me to say goodbye to my work and deliver it to its new owner: welcome your new personalized branding.

Not sure yet?

Sometimes I am asked what added value I offer compared to others for this compensation. My answer is always the same: to design a logo, just any graphic designer is needed, to build a brand it takes skills, strategy and experience.

A professional and personalized branding communicates with your customers. Creates relationships and gives your audience the opportunity to identify with you and your values. Think about it: Coca-Cola, Nutella, Apple… they are all brands with a message and a very clear personality. The fruit and vegetables store at the corner, however, probably only has a logo. And not so beautiful either.

Which side do you want to be on?

If you still have doubts, I have collected some frequently asked questions about my services and my creative process in the FAQ section of the contact page. I also offer the possibility to schedule a free telephone consultation to deepen the topic and identify the ideal path to follow to achieve your goals.

In any case, Seven Steps Branding is just one of the services I offer. Below is a selection of what I can do for you, with you.


Each counseling session includes a 1 hour call where we will talk about your business, your doubts and your goals. I will provide you with guidance and I will recommend a customized route for your needs.

Basic brand identity

If your budget is small but you still want a professional coordinated image, the basic brand identity service is the perfect solution for your needs. The Seven Steps are applied in a simplified way to guarantee the quality of the final result even if the part of the strategy is not included.

This package includes:
- WHY, research and creation of the mood board
- development of the concepts and designs of 1 logo in its various forms
- definition of the official brand colors and fonts
- design of 3 collateral elements
On quotation
Given the nature of the service, I am unable to offer an exclusive service at a fixed price. Each project is therefore evaluated individually.

art direction

To better communicate your values and reach your audience on an more personal level, I collaborate with professionals of all kinds: photographers, videomakers, musicians and illustrators are just some of the figures with whom I build the complementary material to the branding strategy tailored on your needs.
On quotation

Strategy & vision

If you have some doubts and want to approach the creation of your new branding in small steps, I offer you the possibility to develop separately the phases related to the research and strategic definition of the project.

This package includes:
- introductory cognitive call
- survey
- in-depth call
- definition of a strategy and mood board
- 1 round of refining

At the end of the process you will own a document that will help you to have more clarity on the road to be undertaken for the development of your branding plus a set of visual elements. At that point you can decide whether to continue with the rest of the phases envisaged in the Seven Steps Branding.
€ 2470
If you decide to continue with the rest of the Seven Steps Branding service, the cost of the Strategy & Vision package will be deducted from the total.


Color analysis is the science that studies the correlation between an individual's chromatic characteristics and the colors that emphasize them.

This service aims to find the perfect combination of these colors and a personal branding built specifically to emphasize the perception of you and your qualities, professional and otherwise.
On quotation
The Brand-Cromia service is in an experimental phase. Contact me for more details.
Are you ready to get noticed by your audience?
Recognizability, professionalism and greater confidence in your brand
are just some of the advantages you can get!