I'm a full-time lighting designer doing freelance web design & branding.
I'm a science fiction addict with compulsive writing tendencies,
passionate with music and comics.

I play the electric bass in a never-founded rock band and I'm an
all-but-pro snowboarder. I love Apple and my wife.

I live my life like a tightrope walker: “going forward, step by step.
From one end of life to the other”. (Snow, Maxence Fermine)

The Castaway

XXXI century. The universal peace obtained by the establishment of a single Central Government is crumbling when Captain Meadow and his crew, who are striving every day to make this peace last, are assigned a mission: to recover a castaway missing in the orbit of Vodicka, a planet at a distance of thousands of light years. The order is quite suspicious and apparently senseless but blind obedience could be a test of their unconditional faith in the Government. Therefore they leave heading to Vodicka, flying into intergalactic space to discover the hard truth that lies behind their new mission.
The Castaway is a 12x17cm (around 4.72x6.70”) soft cover book printed b/w on 100g ivory paper. The matte-coated dust jacket features an original oil on canvas painting from Maurizio Tonellotti (1925-1998), an Italian painter with visionary painting techniques.
The Castaway is my first published book, a sci-fi short novel inspired by true masterpieces like Star Trek and the works of Isaac Asimov. It's the result of a lucky crowdfunding campaign I had run on Kickstarter during December, 2015. Thanks to the help of a bunch of generous backers, The Castaway hit the shelves just a few month later.
Originally written in Italian, it has been now translated to English. You can buy it printed (in Italian) on Amazon or digitally in both languages on iBooks Store. If you'd like to buy a printed copy of the book in English, please drop me a line.


Shyr: A forgotten evil

A woman awakens an almost forgotten power buried deep in the mountains and starts her own crusade against the Kingdom of Evirith. The Royal Guard fights with all its men this new frightening army, but with no success. Even the greatest power of the Spirit of Air and the Spirit of Water can't win against the summoned power of the Lost Reign of X'Halis. Kensaya and his friends, ripped away from a peacefull life in their hometown, Ardhel, are now on the front-line: will they find a way to defeat Freija and her army? What does move her to such a complete hate and destruction?

Shyr: A forgotten evil* is my first fantasy novel, a sort of spin-off of the complete opera. It's my second publishing project brought to life thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.
* Release date & official title TBA


Book I: Chrysalis

An environmentalist movement known as "Resurgenia" caused an huge climatic disaster that lead humanity on the edge of extinction. Some decades later a new threat arises. In a Reborn World where technology has evolved out of known bounds and mental powers have appeared, a group of brave Guardian will fight for freedom against their new enemy: Manish.

Book II: Pendulum

Lord of Minds got more powerful than ever thanks to the completion of his new psychic weapon: Pendulum. While Ayleen lives a new awareness of herself and her world starts to crumble; while Connley fights for his life slowly healed by a misterious woman, Manish is even closer to rule the world and defeat the Judges and their presumptuously perfect government.

Book III: Freedom

A new wave of death and destruction hits the world. The Unique Government is on ashes and there's no more distinction between good and evil. Ayleen has seen every and anything disappear in front of her eyes and she now must definitely defeat Manish and his dark army of Wraiths leading a new attack to his stronghold with a bunch of loyal Guardians. But is this the right choice?
Chrysalis is the first book of my upcoming distopic sci-fi trilogy.
Pendulum is the second book of my upcoming distopic sci-fi trilogy.
Freedom is the third book of my upcoming distopic sci-fi trilogy.

Seeming birth

What would you do if, one day, you discover to not exist? What if all your dreams disappear in a blink of an eye and you find yourself hanging around trying to survive? That's just what happens to our main character. Will this be the beginning of a new life or just the end of the one he was used to?


Sofija lives in the twenties and is a flapper. She's gorgeous and probably the most beautiful woman anyone would ever want to meet and do own. Then, as if it were really possible the miracle, she became perfect. All she was, everything that had driven men and women to do crazy things by virtue of her name and her look, everything disappeared. She had become perfect. The raison d'être par excellence.

A diary of endless memories

Krasimir lives in Saint Petersburg in a near future. He spend his days after school end waiting for the inspiration about his life. Then, one day, he finds a time capsule which contains the memories of a guy lived decades before. The two boys become close friends, divided only by the epoch they live.
Seeming birth is a few week's snapshot of the life of a guy who suddenly lose all his certainties in a nowadays late-summer Barcelona.
Fl@pp3rz is a fresh take on retro-futurism, a smart new start in cyberpunk fiction.
A diary of endless memories is an introspective journey of a boy who finally finds the reason to be a different person, a story of friendship and new loves.


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