It's like with Nutella.
What branding would be without strategy?

Ok, it also works for pizza, ice cream, tiramisu…

I'm Mattia

For over 10 years I have been designing corporate identities and personal branding that have a unique voice and creative.

I believe that words and colors have immense power and that, together with shapes, in their essential simplicity, they are the ideal tool for transmitting intentions, feelings and values.

We all have a story to tell, a dream to achieve or a WHY to communicate. My job is to accompany you on the journey that will allow you to achieve each of these goals.
In an unstable global economy where competition is so aggressive, in fact, the need to find a way to stand out from your competitor is getting stronger.

Finding the right person to develop your new branding can be really exhausting though, I understand that!

Among logo designer, brand identity alchemist, logo specialist, brand strategist… There is so much confusion and offer that it is hard to even understand what these people do and how they can help us.

To let your customers find you, it is not enough to hire a good graphic designer to create a nice logo for you. And even less to recycle some marketing strategy that seems to have worked wonders for your competitor.

What you really need is a consultant to collaborate with throughout the process, someone who understands you, your needs and identifies with your customers.

Nice to meet you, I'm Mattia.

Wondering what benefits you can get from a personalized branding?

Stand out
Custom branding gives you the credibility you need to stand out from your competitors and be more recognizable in an ocean of alternatives.
Sell more easily
Having a more professional look allows you to get in touch with customers on a deeper level while also renewing their trust in the quality of what you offer.
Save time and money
Investing now in your branding saves you the cost of a poor design and also gives you time to dedicate yourself to what you do best and to your loved ones.

Seven Steps Branding

Branding package including research, mood board, brand identity and strategic communication analysis. Exclusive service.

Basic brand identity

Professional design of a basic corporate identity including logo, stationery and basic strategic analysis.


Color analysis principles applied to personal branding for professionals, influencers and entrepreneurs. Experimental service.

Strategy & Vision

Dedicated consultancy for the creation of a personalized communication strategy based on your corporate/personal WHY.

Art Direction

I collaborate with professional photographers, videomakers, musicians and illustrators to build the best communication.


Classroom or remote training to deepen issues related to branding, web, social media and coherent digital communication.

What they say about me

Are you ready to boost your business?

If you want to win against your competition and import on the market with a new,
professional and personalized look… NOW is the time to do it!